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How To Create World Change In One Minutes

Posted on November 01 2020

Uniting The World With Kindness - Shane Jeremy James

Become Part of a Growing Global Movement!

Creating a better world requires overcoming two major challenges: 1) raising people’s awareness of their ability to make a positive impact on the world; and 2) helping people to cultivate a vision of how global change can be accomplished.

Until these challenges are successfully addressed, most people will feel powerless to contribute to real change. While they understand the seriousness of the world’s problems, many people only know how to complain. Lacking awareness of the power they possess, and absent a vision that compassionate acts can change the world, people understandably feel discouraged, even hopeless.

Begin making the world a better place

By raising awareness that ordinary people, rather than world leaders and governments, are fully capable of ushering in significant change, no matter the immensity of the problems faced. In fact, as global citizens, it is our moral responsibility to make whatever changes are necessary in order to create and preserve a just and sustainable world.


The individual power to bring about change is inherent in every person. Compassion resides in each of us, and when it’s shared, it changes lives. Each shared act of compassion in some way enhances a person. This positive outcome inspires others to act compassionately, which in turn prompts more acts of compassion. The results can be exponential, even to the point of eventually outweighing much of the negativity experienced in our world. Individual actions make a significant global impact when they become part of a large-scale, coordinated effort – i.e., a mass movement.

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Shane Jeremy James and team at YMCA Atlanta 

Positive global change

Occurs when individuals become aware of the power of compassion, take conscious action to share it with others, and then spread the word about the impact of these individual acts so that hundreds, thousands, and millions of people are regularly demonstrating compassion. A clear vision of what’s possible is all the motivation needed to begin building a strong compassion movement.

We Can All Make a Difference

We Can and Must Act Now

Technology enables us to grow a movement beginning today. Through various digital tools and social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, we have the immediate ability to connect and rapidly expand our compassion movement to include people of all generations around the world.

With technology, we can and must start right now seeing everyone as connected humanity. Millions are already using technology to connect; imagine if they used it to share the power of compassionate acts! People are ready – and we believe they’re also willing – to deepen their social connections and thereby build a better world; they are simply waiting for us to show them how.

Launching a movement today will plant seeds of compassion that grow exponentially and establish a well-trodden, precise pathway for future generations to follow.

Our Goals

  • To heighten people’s awareness of the impact of everyday compassion. Our action challenge is carefully designed to keep compassion in the forefront of a person’s mind daily. Once compassion becomes a priority for people, negative behaviors such as bullying, hatred, violence and corruption lose all value.
  • To modernize the concept of compassion. No longer should compassion be outsourced to our religious leaders based on the thinking that they are the only ones capable of comprehending it. Our goal is to expand an understanding of compassion and its power using updated language and a more relevant context that resonates with the average “Jane” or “Joe.”
  • To demonstrate that compassion is a necessity. For most people, it’s easy to show compassion to those who are in their immediate circle of family and friends. Our goal is to spread acts of compassion in such a way that no one will be able to deny its positive impact, and everyone will see that it must be shared – not just with loved ones, but with every person.

 How to create world change in 1 minute

Beginning now and through the end of 2019, the Actions of Compassion movement will release a new video made by an influencer every two days. The influencer might be a stay-at-home mom, celebrity, child, sports star, construction worker or pastor – in other words, an ordinary person. Their short message will share what act of compassion they will do that week. Each video will inspire others to do their own acts of compassion.

We are asking you to become an influencer by shooting a 1-minute video from your cell phone or camera, sharing with the world an act of compassion that you have committed to do that week!

Why Our Videos Are Important

We know that each of these videos will: 1) keep compassion in the forefront of people’s minds; 2) inspire new people to perform compassionate acts of their own; and 3) motivate these same new people to share their acts of compassion through social media, expanding locally and globally the act of a single individual.

The video message will make a huge impact: it may change someone’s outlook on life, prevent bullying or other violent behavior, or even save a life! It will also challenge others – maybe hundreds or thousands – to demonstrate compassion.

Making a public appeal to create change is effective

In 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet started the Giving Pledge, which is a commitment that billionaires make to give away much of their wealth to deserving causes. As of 2018, a total of 183 people from 22 countries have committed themselves to the pledge. This public commitment has encouraged many people – even those who aren’t billionaires – to become philanthropists.

In this same way, compassionate videos will encourage many people to share simple acts of compassion, even if they have never done so before!

Our Long-Term Vision

Each year we will continue the Acts of Compassion movement by sharing compassionate videos every two days. We will collect hundreds of video messages from all kinds of people to inspire others to act on their compassion. With the power of social media, we know that we will reach millions of people. We are ready to grow this movement and take it around the world!

Here is a short sizzle reel from Shane Jeremy James showing what the Actions of Compassion movement has accomplished in the last few years.


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