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Live Your T-Shirt Challenge

Posted on February 09 2021

       Watch the 'ACHIEVERS' Video Below to Discover How to... 

PRESENTING: “Presenting the EASIEST SYSTEM ever developed to tap into the most powerful part of the brain to maximize human potential"



Do YOU ACCEPT? ACCOUNTABLITY, FROM DAY 1 (limited to 25 spots) 

Here’s the Hard Truth:

Your Results Are The Results Of Your Unconscious Programming

Fact: Your Results – NO MATTER GOOD OR BAD – Were Created By None Other Than Your Unconscious Programming, and It’s Time You Understand:

 …the Happy, the Sad, the Good, the Bad, and your entire future tie into the very being of your existence.

The point? No matter how many great books you have read, how many experienced coaches you have hired, how many trainings you have taken, if they don’t change the ENTIRE UNCONCIOUS MIND, they’re all lousy investments that will keep your wheels spinning without altering your future path. 

You’re wasting both time and money.



You Begin to Think:…

 Why Is My Life NOT Working!?

“Why am I making less money than I was this time last year”?

“Why is my life experiencing so much stress, frustration, chaos and anxiety…and I can’t seem to even have 24 hours of pure bliss”?

“Why are my thoughts all messed up and I find myself living in the past or predicting a stressful future”?

“Why am I experiencing a lack of motivation on important items that I’ve been trying to get done for days”?

“Why are my daily energy levels so sporadic and I refuse to take the necessary action to increase my life longevity”?

“Why am I happy for 4 hours, angry for 2 hours, fearful for 3 hours, full of anxiety for 1.5 hours, peaceful for 15 minutes and depressed till the next day”?

"Why am I playing so small in life and refusing to take the necessary action to reach my highest human potential”?

”Why can’t I control my emotions when I’m cut off in traffic”? or “Why do I blow up at my friends/spouse or kids”?  

"Do you find yourself unable to stay in the positive and uplifting emotions regularly throughout the day”?  

I understand how it feels to have areas in your life that, no matter how much you try, things don’t work out.

I was once there. But I discovered how to live my life instead of life living me because NO ONE should be stuck in that endless cycle.  




 FACT: Most people are busy living their lives. They are COMPLETELY UNAWARE of the unconscious programs running on repeat in their head.

In most cases, for most people (there are a few exceptions), they will never reach even 25% of their human potential.

“Shane! that’s so DISCOURAGING”!

How can you say something so negative”? Relax….It’s just a way of looking at the truth.

It’s a way to help you BREAK FREE from the conditioning of your past. 

According to American biologist Bruce Lipton the unconscious mind makes up 95% of who you are.

Here’s the Harsh Reality: 95% of your day is NOT VISIBLE to you, which means you keep sabotaging yourself and no one is coming to Save You.

Only you can save yourself by utilizing the precious tools we will provide you to optimize your inner potential to it’s max capacity.


Fact: Your brain is a cesspool filled with 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day.

Many of these thoughts are EVIL and NEGATIVE and are waiting to infect your body with a vast number of negative things like cancer, fear, stress, hatred, anxiety and so much more!

Don’t overlook this.

Did you know that 95% of your thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before?

And those INVISIBLE THOUGHTS can cause a myriad of NEGATIVE EMOTIONS to include feelings such as frustration, depression, demotivation, fear, anxiety, anger, unworthiness, and many more.

These same thoughts lead to the same behaviors each day, which lead to the same outcomes.

The fact is, you can blame your UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING for any unwanted habits and many of your goals and dreams not being achieved.

Could it be that we’re actually assisting our conscious mind in our very own psychological demise?



What Do You Think Causes All These Symptoms?               

It’s not just a COINCIDENCE that the majority of humans are experiencing the same unconscious behaviors, right?

Your Results Are YOUR FAULT…

Like you, I too was frustrated by my inability to create LASTING TRANSFORMATION.

In fact, most often I felt like I took one step forward and two steps back.

It was this very frustration that motivated me to begin my journey and delve into researching what exactly was going on.

Through my time, effort, and research, I found....


The Most Powerful Solution                                                            

Because of the myriad of hours I spent determined to know myself, I came to understand what causes humans to get stuck inside a life of self-defeating behaviors that sabotage dreams, goals, health, and relationships.


The GOOD NEWS is I found a way out!

I want you to understand something…

I found “The Biggest Problem” And “The Fastest Way Out".

It was NOT because I am any better than you.

It was NOT because of some innate special talent.

It was because of my own demise and self sabotaging behavior that I had to figure out what got me here, and how I was going to turn this around

Fact is

I wasn’t even CLOSE to the person I am today.

I’ve been at the SCARY PLACE where my relationship was a mess, my finances and my businesses were suffering.


I was 65lbs overweight, my body was polluted with disease and riddled with injuries.

I STRUGGLED with a lack of energy on the daily all resulting in a depressed mood fueled by despair and hopelessness...

In my attempts to counter that, I would try to make some fast money in order to spend it on (im)material things.

All in a desperate attempt to make me both look and feel better

Cocaine and Ecstasy became my “Best Friends".

…and every night we’d hit the hottest night club where I could forget about my problems and hang around with a bunch of ruthless so-called friends.


I found myself locked up inside with an extremely messy mind where I was consistently SABOTAGING everything around me…

…with very DESTRUCTIVE unconscious programs that were running over and over, pushing me further into hopelessness – and away from the life I truly wanted.

It was because of hitting my ULTIMATE LOWEST– and living my darkest hour that I learned how to tap into my highest potential and break free from that ugly past…


If someone said read this book, take this course, go to this event, I did. I tried it, on my own money, racking up 7-figures worth of investments.

 … and most of the things I tried worked ok for awhile, but eventually I would revert to my old behaviors.

But there was one thing, the “REAL SECRET” that did work.

This one new secret would drastically change my life and further help me tap into a part of the brain that only SUPER ACHIEVERS can access.

 …and then what seemed hopeless before (overcoming all my past programming and behaviors) was now a reality, which would become the SCIENCE of Live Your T-Shirt.

Next, I had to create a PRACTICAL SYSTEM where I could apply the SCIENCE and the PROCESSES that made the biggest difference in becoming the exact person, I dreamed of being. 

Since then, I’ve been following this system to escape a past world of anxiety, stress, fear, pain, depression and underachievement.

All the SCIENCE in this program points the finger towards POSSIBILITY.

That we are not hardwired to our past genes – rather we our capable of GREAT TRANSFORMATION.

The fact is: the ability to master your mind and in doing so create wealth, health, amazing relationships and utmost of all, happiness is SIMPLY A SKILLSET. 

If you want to become a GREAT golfer, tennis player or a great parent you invest your energy and resources to LEARNING HOW. 

That is all it will take: investing your energy and resources to learn how!






I often hear people say to me, “I have already MASTERED MY MIND,” or “these are things I do on a daily basis,” and even, “I know all of this already!”

What I have uncovered is that ONLY 5% of the population has mastered this “SKILL”.

Answer these questions to find out HOW MENTALLY STRONG YOU REALLY ARE!

Are you:

...consciously working your mind daily to make life better for yourself and those around you?

...consciously turning your thoughts into things (most are doing it every day unconsciously)?

...consciously connecting with the energy fields each day?

...organizing your thoughts and feelings into coherent states? (this is the fastest way to access inner power)

Do you:

...stay in UPLIFTING EMOTIONS such as gratitude, compassion, joy, appreciation, happiness, motivation, most days?

...understand how to CHANGE YOUR BRAIN WAVES, to access your most powerful operating system: the subconscious mind? on changing your AUTOMATIC CONDITIONED BEHAVIORS (most people spend their lives unconsciously living in the same routines) on a daily basis? most of your days FREE FROM stress, depression, frustration, impatience, overwhelm, unhappiness, anger, worry, unworthiness? life each day just LOVING LIFE for no reason? (most people must wait for an outer event for this)

...wake up in the morning and see yourself having the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE? (most people wake up thinking about problems of the past)

...consciously DIRECT YOUR THOUGHTS each day and consistently see the best?

...set CLEAR INTENTIONS daily? Can you mentally see yourself as already having achieved this?

Have you:

...mastered living your days in the PRESENT MOMENT? (most people are thinking about problems, living in the past, forecasting future worst situations)

Are your:, wealth, relationships, and spiritual life EXACTLY where you want them to be?

...days spent CONDITIONING YOURSELF to a new future and letting go of a familiar past?

 Is your:

...belief system so strong you FEEL INVINCIBLE and you can achieve anything?

...happiness at an ALL TIME HIGH?

...body in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE

 So, if you have MASTERED this. Congratulations!!!  You’re a MYSTIC! 

 If not, think of this training as UPGRADING your brain.

Through this entire training, I will share with you the science behind the information that you are learning and the purpose to shifting your mental capacities which will UPGRADE YOUR BRAIN AT LEAST BY 500%



Do you believe that you can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in just one month?

Or do you think “Shane, you’re nuts, that is ridiculous.

May I ask you a question? IS THAT ALL YOUR LIFE IS WORTH TO YOU

Think about it. It’s taken you years to become conditioned this way

If your life is really that important to you, then its extremely important to allocate a certain amount of TIME and ENERGY to it. 

A POORLY CONDITIONED MIND: Even if you believe you can become wealthier, have better health and live a stress-free life full of joy and bliss, if your mind is poorly conditioned to the same thinking and feeling loop or running the same disempowering unconscious programs, your chances of achieving more is simply not going to happen!

Even worse, you could end up INVITING diseases.

You could end up BATTLING EMOTIONS such as anxiety, stress, frustration, anger, or depression.

The hidden impact is that you will be left with IRRATIONAL BELIEFS and a completely inaccurate interpretation.

You will believe that you are doing what is needed to create a better life, but the reality is you are embracing ideas and actions that will NEGATIVELY AFFECT you for the rest of your life.   

Your consciousness is your SECRET POWER and is much more powerful than you realize.

Most humans are only using a tiny fraction of their ability, not ever understanding how to synchronize the mind, body, and spirit to reach their highest levels of achievement.

Once you understand this, you will be CAPABLE OF OBTAINING more wealth, health, happiness and well being in your own life and the lives of your loved ones.



Wouldn’t you love to acquire the brain wave states that is ACCESSED by Olympic Athletes, Navy Seals, Fortune 500 CEO’s, Monks and the busy mom who in turn lives an intentional life of COMPLETE JOY and BLISS 24 hours a day.

Today the HIGHEST PERFORMING HUMANS in the fields of sports, business, combat, science, and mediation all include mastering their brain wave states as part of their daily routine.   

Even PARENTS who desire to become more attuned to their children’s needs and become a more EFFECTIVE PARENT are MASTERING these skill sets. 


FACT: The MAJORITY OF SOCIETY operates in high-beta brain wave patterns, which causes us to feel emotions like anxiety, worry, fear, anger, pain, frustration, judgement, impatience, aggression, depression and competition.

As a result, your brain waves become out of synch – and YOU BECOME INCOHERENT

…this causes humans to live in survival mode.

When you’re living in survival mode it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to achieve your dreams, goals and happiness.

The foundational premise of the Live Your T-Shirt system is to help you to learn how to CHANGE YOUR BRAIN WAVES so you can ACCESS the subconscious operating system and create true lasting transformation.

Also, the more a person spends their days in beta brain waves (you are consistently analyzing and focusing on the outer world) when you shift to alpha brain waves you’re focusing on your inner world and this is where true transformation happens.

Put simply, when you CONSCIOUSLY slow down your brain waves, you start to program the autonomic nervous system.

Therefore, you are now becoming someone COMPLETELY NEW and your 500% more likely to master your inner human life potential. 

…and this means you will become a very DIFFERENT PERSON and a completely DIFFERENT THINKER.

Celebrity Bonnie-Jill Laflin never stops GROWING AND DEVELOPING even in the times of Covid-19 and decides to take the Live Your T-Shirt 90 Day Challenge.  

When Shane came to me with his idea of building this 90 day Live Your T-Shirt pilot program, I knew I had to jump in on this course. Because of my profession in sports and entertainment it can be very stressful in a fast-paced environment. I rarely had balance in my life before this pandemic and no time to focus on me. I needed something that will keep my mind strong and healthy to be able to continue at a high level. I traveled constantly for work and was always on the go...when the pandemic hit, my life completely shut down like all of us. I've had a lot of time to think and gain some clarity so there is no better time than now to focus on myself. I'm excited to begin this journey and start this transformation of mental wellness. 

Bonnie-Jill Laflin has a number of firsts in her career. Laflin is the first and only female NBA scout, holding the front office position with the Los Angeles Lakers. She is the first to cheer on a professional level for three teams, in two sports, starting with the NBA and the Golden State Warriors, and moving to the NFL with both the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Laflin is the first female to be awarded six championship rings in two professional sports, earning a Super Bowl ring during her time cheering for the 49ers and five NBA championship rings as an executive for the Lakers. 


                       THE LIVE YOUR T-SHIRT SYSTEM


For example: how you both THINK and FEEL projects a vibrational energy frequency that creates your ENTIRE REALITY.

If you continue to project the same VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY, your life will never change.  

But, when we change the vibrations in both your mind and body and then project it to the outer world your external environment changes and you begin to FEEL INVINCIBLE! 

The results are nothing short of amazing!  




I can guarantee, if you stay in the same brain states, projecting the same vibrational energy, not only will you NEGATIVELY INFLUENCE your well-being but there is a strong likelihood you will deteriorate.


Every part of this program is meticulously designed to help you master and operate in the highest-level brain wave states daily

After 90 days you will have RE-CONDITIONED your entire brain and body, and you'll be able to OVERCOME anything that happens in your external environment with GREAT EASE

You will create an entirely NEW FUTURE and let go of the same familiar past that is destructively holding you back.

You’ll create MORE OPPORTUNITIES than you could have ever imagined before, resulting in continual days of joy, happiness and sheer bliss.

Because when your brain is working at an OPTIMAL LEVEL, you’re working at an optimal level.


  • being triggered in your close and important relationships: spouses, friends, co-workers and kids
  • impatience in traffic
  • the aesthetic and functional state of your physical body
  • the level of conflicts with others that occur
  • the ability to be patient when those around you are stressed to the max
  • feeling stuck in your ability to achieve your goals
  • increasing your financial ability and acumen 
  • embracing the aging process with zest
  • dissenting opinions and out looks from those around you
  • ensuring your ideal life becomes reality
  • elevated parenting of your children
  • managing your daily challenges
  • overcoming daily annoyances


The training teaches you how to ACCESS THE OPERATING SYSTEM of the subconscious mind, and begin to reprogram both your brain and body, thus creating a mind that controls your environment or circumstances and not one controlled by your environment/circumstances.


During the Live Your T-Shirt challenge, and in just 90 days – we're going to help you MASTER Yourself with Certainty, Courage, EXTREME Energy & Emotional Control.

So, You Can Ultimately MAXIMIZE YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL, and CREATE Massive Momentum & Self-Control Inside Your Mind, Life, and Entire Universe! 

Here’s what you get inside your 90-Day Live Your T-Shirt Challenge Experience…


Zoom: You will receive a weekly zoom invite for our group session. During that time, we’ll discuss what we are learning that week while each person will further take a minute to explain what we are learning from their perspective. This is so that we can interact with each other and all have a clear understanding of that week’s lessons.

Most people fail because they have a limited understanding of the material they are learning. And yet, if we don’t understand, how can we learn? If we don’t learn, we cannot retain and if we cannot retain, we cannot execute.   

Voice Mail: Should you not be able to attend the zoom call, you will be required to send Shane a personal voice message explaining what you are learning that week.

Text Messages: Each day you will receive a personal text message from Shane to ensure that 1: you are executing on what we are working on that day/week, and 2: provide you with the motivation to stay the course. Changing yourself at this level won’t be easy and will require hard work. Which is why Shane is choosing to personally engage with you to help you reach your highest potential.  

Emails: As previously mentioned, this won’t be easy work. Which is why you will have open and unlimited email access to Shane. This allows you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have, outline any area that you need extra help with and/or a personal cheering squad!

The purpose of these communications is to keep reminding you of what you are learning and why. Consistent learning builds a better understanding of what you are doing resulting in more commitment which leads to transformative results.

Videos & Audios: Each week you will receive videos, audios and additional resources for what we're working on each individual week. Together we’ll walk you through the process, plus further detail the science behind what we’re working on and why.  

Cliff Notes: You'll receive the cliff notes version of the key concepts shared thru the various weeks. We do this so you can build a stronger understanding of what you’re learning and why. This way, the most important researched information is at your fingertips at all times. Also, for sake of time management, this simple step by step process will help you access and execute on the key things to create transformation. 

Ongoing cliff notes and text message reminders will keep priming you for your own personal transformation while tapping into the highest level brain states consistently.  

Why 90 Days: Scientific research shows that only after 90 to 140 days of practice that a new behavior becomes firmly wired in. 

Weapons: The program will consist of a variety of weapons from daily rituals, meditations, mantras, core values, breathing techniques, journaling, acts of compassion, living your t-shirt, powerful vocabulary, supplements, before bed brain programming, morning brain programming, shower brain programming, and so much more.

Systems: The program’s approach is strategically systematic. Each week builds upon the previous week, helping you to continue to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. To obtain a brand-new future, you have to let go of a past filled with stressors, anxiety, problems, suffering and pain. The systems are put in place to allow you to do just that!  


The 90 Day Challenge 

Month One – Level One – Upgrading The Brain

Wear your Future: Receive your “Actions of Compassion is the Movement” T-shirt and start your compassion journey. 

Week One: Access Your True Power: Understand and change your subconscious programs.

Week Two: Control and Direct your Consciousness: Avoid negative and cyclical patterns.

Week Three: Master Brain Waves States: Rewire your brain and improve performance. 

Week Four: Master Your Energy: harness and hold the highest energy states.

Upgrading Your Body

Week One: Maximizing Your Energy – proper use of supplements.

Week Two: Breath Work - strengthen the immune and vascular system.

Week Three: Regulation Routines -  routines to strengthen immune system and lessen stress.

Week Four: The Secrets of Water – how water will affect our body and emotions.

Reform Your Body In 90 Days 

While 90 days might seem like a very daunting plan, it’s actually a normal time frame to see some real changes in your physical physique and mental health. Staying healthy must become a lifestyle change that stretches far beyond a 90-day plan…A POSITIVE & GAME CHANGING LIFESTYLE PLAN!

Our goal in this part of our plan is to help you measure your progress, plus encourage you to stay physically active for 90 days and well beyond.

You will determine your fitness goals and choose a plan for 90 days. It could be weight loss, just walking, riding a peloton, or strength training. The 90 days of action will help you stay committed throughout your entire journey. It will help you form a habit, change your brain waves, plus keep your mind and body working in sync. You're unconsciously forming new behaviors, which in return optimizes your brain to perform at a peak level. 

(shane 65lbs weight loss) 

Month Two – Level Two– Advancing The Brain

Wear your Future: Receive your “Changing the World 1 Heart at a Time” or “Uniting The World With Kindness” T-shirt and connect to powerful, elevated emotions. 



Week five: Connect Consciousness with the Quantum Field: the secret to achieving anything in less time.  

Week six: Harmonizing Your Heart and Brain: maintain positive states despite external conditions. 

Week Seven: Free your Body from Past Conditioning: change your biology from living in the past to living in a pleasant future.

Week Eight: Create a Mind Movie: Deeply program your subconscious mind and access higher level brain wave states.

Advancing The Body

Week five: Brain boosting foods - Foods can boost your mood.

Week Six: Disease busting foods - Foods that eliminate disease. 

Week Seven: Life of Longevity – Learn the secrets of longevity.   

Week Eight: The Nuance of Nature – Connecting with nature.

All Weeks: Reform Your Body In 90 Days. 

Month Three - Level Three – Mastery Of The Brain 

Wear your Future: Receive your: Do it With Integrity, Bring It to life” T-shirt and become a person of higher integrity.  


Week Nine: Change the World and Leave a Legacy: Create universal coherence in the brain and vibrational energy.

Week Ten: Overcome Self-Centeredness and the Egotistic Self: Learn the different levels of the ego self and create a life of oneness. 

Week Eleven: Build a Catalyst for a New Perspective: Change beliefs and perspectives that keep you locked up.

Week Twelve: Become a Modern-day Mystic: Master wisdom and enlightenment.

Mastery Of The Body

Week Nine: Manage your Microbiomes -  Learn to embrace your natural microbiome. 

Week Ten: Telomeres, Longevity and Aging : simple hacks to stay younger.

Week Eleven: The Ancient Ancestors – Learn the secrets of indigenous cultures.

Week Twelve: The final stage – Live in cohesion the rest of your life. 

All Weeks: Reform Your Body In 90 Days. 

So, What's The Catch...? 

If I could only choose one thing to MASTER – it’d be MIND CONTROL

Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey 40 year of Zen program is $15,000 to basically bio-hack the brain.

So, we created a way to HACK YOUR BRAINWAVES that don’t require a major outlay of cash or specialized equipment or something that will take you years.

And no high-priced counseling sessions (will run $150 to $300 per session)

Typically for this level of access people will invest $1000 and even up to $15,000 a month.

But for you


That’s right. It’s yours for the taking. For JUST $5.00 a day.


Because I want you to have NO EXCUSES

Because I want to take less people, so I can work closely with a select group and GUARANTEE RESULTS

Because I don’t want you to be just another number like most of the trainings online. 

Because this is the FIRST TEST GROUP, the second group training will be $350 per month.

And in exchange for the LOW COST of this program, I want your testimonials after we create some AMAZING TRANSFORMATION within you.


Join the Live Your T-Shirt Challenge for JUST XXX Today!  GROUP CLOSED


 STARTING... Do YOU ACCEPT? (limited to 25 spots)


As you can probably see starting the Live Your T-Shirt Challenge is having me, and my entire LYT expert team as your own personal coaches.  

The only difference is that you couldn't purchase a 1 hour consulting call with me for $150. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter and watch the video. I look forward to seeing your success story at the end of the challenge. 




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