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What do these four girls have in common?  

Posted on August 16 2021

What do these<span> four</span><span> </span>girls have in common?  

They all took the Live Your T-shirt 90 day challenge and are the first to sign up for the next 90 day challenge!  

This may sound crazy...they are going to spend time, resources, and commit to a total of 6 months! 

Think about that… 

What if it took you 6 months to recondition all the bad programs you have running in your subconscious mind? 

Since 95% of your entire day is run by your subconscious mind, whatever conditioned programs you have running are the exact results you will get.  

Understand, the majority of people's programs are disempowering and unmotivating.  

 So do you think it took you just 90 days to create all of your bad behaviors?...

all of your bad subconscious programs?...all of your daily negative thoughts?...all of your bad emotions?  

Of course not! ....this is just unrealistic. 

 Science has proven over and over that it takes 90 to 140 days to change unwanted behaviors and habits. Most people think doing something for 90 days is challenging, and yet 90 days is truly no time at all when changing a lifetime of negative conditioning. 

Of course human's want everything fast and easy. This is why there is such a low success rate, no matter how many other programs anyone has tried.

If you’re not willing to put in the time to create new subconscious programs and get rid of the old ones playing daily, you'll never overcome bad emotions or negative'll never create the energy you need to build great'll never achieve any goal or dream...nor will you ever live your best life. 

Expect MORE and MORE of your same experiences....more emotions of stress, more frustration, more impatience, more overwhelm, more sadness, more jealousy and so much more negative emotions. 

 The fundamental difference between the people who are reaching every goal, every dream and have the exact life they want, is that they truly understand the necessary self commitment required.

So, the only difference between these 4 girls and the average person is they understand consistency is the only way for sustainable change.....consistency that brings ultimate joy, bliss, and happiness!

 Just like going to the gym, it takes time to see results. 

When I'm helping someone upgrade their brain, I advise everyone to not expect immediate results. Instead, remember it's consistency that creates sustainable results. 

This is why the Live Your T-shirt: Brain Wave Synergy program is a 90 day challenge.   

When you stay with it, the results will come. 


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