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The Biggest Problem With Religion - Shane Jeremy James

Posted on December 04 2020

The Biggest Problem With Religion - Shane Jeremy James

The biggest problem with religion 

Let us talk religion, a controversial subject.

First our goal through all 2021 is to try and unite humanity. To really make a positive difference in the world and leave it much better for the next generation, and we all can...

 My Hot Take On The Biggest Problem With Religion

So, religions are one of the number one causes why we have war and violence.

This is the way it is, this is my God and my God says it's this way, and there is no other way. And if you don't believe this, then I'm just gonna come find you and harm you, I'm gonna...

 This is often how it happens.

Look at all the conflict in the world with people among different religions, and then stop and look at people who come from more of the spiritual world, there is not that much conflict. People in the spiritual world are trying to connect everybody together.

Often when it comes to religion, people start to believe so much in their religion that their way is the only way, and there's no other way at all. So, if you take a step back and you look at people's beliefs, that's the one thing that's stopping world peace.

It is people's beliefs, and then you attach it to religion, and now we've got chaos.

When we start to realize that we're all just one family on this earth and we can start to work together and we can start to unite humanity, that’s the only way that we can create world peace.  

 We must all believe that we're truly one humanity, there's no other way to do it.

In the end, all humans want more love than anything else, it's just the truth, we want more compassion and we want to help each other. 

And often to do this, it's going to have to come from a change of mindset, and we can truly make it happen, but we're going to have to tap into the next generation. 

Think about if we were already grateful for each other and we appreciated each other, and we showed that to each other, think about how the world would be if you were just grateful for everybody, there would be no war violence.

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You see, most people can't even be grateful every day for what they have themselves, so you...

You start to be grateful for what you have first, and then become grateful for those around you, this includes different races and religions and everybody...

You see, when we're creating this type of mindset, we don't have time to do violence, we don't have time to go to war, we don't have time to run around on social media talking bad about people, we don't have time to spread bad energy and bad consciousness into the world.

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