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Live Your T-Shirt Challenge


Our mission is to create social change and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world, while continuing to lead a global compassion movement. We believe that everyone can make a difference.

Our Start

Shane Jeremy James always had a passion for business and for helping others.

At age 27, I brought the fastest-growing franchise in history to Canada and was the youngest franchiser in the organization. During several years following that venture, I built businesses, wrote four books, sat on the boards of many nonprofits and won numerous awards in public speaking. But what made me most proud was starting a Thanksgiving food drive. That single act fed over 400 families each year for 8 years straight!

About three years ago, I started a small digital agency, knowing that digital was the future. I had lost all desire to build businesses for the sake of looking good and qualifying for tax write-offs. I had one underlying goal in mind: to really shape a better world. That focused intention bloomed into an incredible adventure of making a real and significant difference in the world!

Here’s a closer peek at our “brand” and what excites us!


The Significance of Family

The quality time that I spend with my extremely compassionate spouse and our little guy is what I value most in life and is probably my greatest inspiration. Part of growing a long-term venture means spending a lot of time away from home, so my wife and I are now building businesses together as a way to create more quality family time.


The Compassion Movement Begins

Shane Jeremy James starts the compassion movement!

Eager to shake things up, I reached out to my 160,000 Twitter followers one day, declared my full intention to build a compassion movement, and asked if anyone wanted to help. The support was amazing! So many replies said, “Let’s do it!” I had no real idea of what would develop, but I did know that focusing on helping others and making the world better would produce great things.

We started! In response to my one tweet, a bunch of folks began doing daily compassionate acts. Whether it was holding the door for a stranger, volunteering, spending hours on the phone helping others, giving some money to a good cause or helping the homeless, we just started doing compassion. Word spread, and more people joined in. A few of us soon created a web series called, The Everyday Compassion Show. We traveled around Canada and the U.S. doing compassionate acts, showcasing nonprofits, inspiring other people to do more and connecting with people from all walks of life. We achieved over 55 episodes.


The Birth of “Live Your T-Shirt”

Shane Jeremy James & Sharon Dinh launch Live Your T-shirt 

My spouse and I were aware that once compassion becomes alive in a person’s mind, they see no need for violence, bullying, hate, cheating or negativity in general. To inspire people even more, we brainstormed how to put compassion, kindness, empathy and integrity in the forefront of a person’s mind, day-in and day-out. We came up with the basic concept of “Live Your T-Shirt.” We knew the vision had to be extraordinary.

We established a brand of T-shirts 100% made and printed in Canada because we care about human rights and integrity. The shirts are sustainable and environmentally friendly, made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Why bamboo? It’s super durable, doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation, and it grows rapidly without depleting the soil. It has a lower environmental impact than pesticide-laden conventional cotton and petroleum-derived nylon and polyester fabrics. Bamboo is also inherently moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial; it’s truly a superior fabric in terms of softness and functionality. It was a no-brainer for us to use a T-shirt fabric that would actually make a difference in the world!


Education Through Business

Based on our belief that education is the only way to change the world and create world peace, we’ve created many different channels of education for the public and designed business systems centered on qualities such as compassion, empathy and gratitude. We strongly believe that businesses can help improve the world faster than any other type of institution. In our vision to help business enterprises become better, we've rolled out several business programs over the last few years.


Making Compassion Accessible in Today’s World

To restate the significance of family, we aren’t building an organization, or a business, or even a community. We are building a family. This means providing a home for all humanity. Thus, our fundamental goal is to make compassion more alive and accessible in today’s world! We are achieving this by connecting with the younger generation on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube – steadily spreading the transformative message that compassion is absolutely for today’s world!