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Our mission is to create social change and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world, while continuing to lead a global compassion movement. We believe that everyone can make a difference.

Our Start

Shane started to learn the importance of mastering the mind from a noticeably young age. Many skills were developed early on while playing years of high caliber sports while being coached by NHL players and first division/world cup level soccer players. An integral early teaching was how the mind is more important than the skill set. A valuable early lesson when Shane made Team Saskatchewan in the sport of soccer, was to focus on mind training equally as much as practising on the field. It was this one example of many where Shane continued to develop his ability to sharpen his mindset at an early age. A now advanced mindset obtained over the years by reading over 700 books and achieving certification in the Neuro-Linguistic Programing.

The Curves For Women Franchise

Shane was the youngest and first entrepreneur to bring the Curves for Women Fitness franchises to Canada. Curves for Women Canada became a wildly successful 4-billion-dollar company. Shane had a successful 12 year run that ended in the lucrative sale of franchises owned by his mom and himself. Within that time, Shane wrote his first book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight while coaching tens of thousands of women how to master their mind to lose weight and become healthy. He then wrote 3 more books titled Networking to Wealth, Prospecting, Closing & Persuasion, and The 63 Day Diet.


After the successful run of Curves for Women franchise, many other small businesses started to inquire and utilize Shane’s skill level to help grow their business. Shanes’ foresight on social media and digital marketing trends became a desired asset that transformed into helping many small businesses establish stronger digital footprints.  

Shark Tank 

As part of his continued business growth, Shane was then provided an opportunity to travel and work with original Shark Tank TV Show and inventor of the infomercial, Kevin Harrington.  Shane played an integral part in helping build Kevin’s personal brand, consulted in the business and gained shares in some of their companies.

Eckhart Tolle Feature Film 

From there, he connected with the Eckhart Tolle group who’s very well known as Oprah’s spiritual advisor. It was Shanes’ digital company that helped launch the spawned effort of converting the Eckart Tolle titled book Milton’s Secret into a featured film starring Donald Sutherland and Michelle Rodriguez. These integral learned experiences allowed Shane to further recognize a much-needed requirement in the business community struggling to develop their own business models. Focusing on people before profits became a required acknowledgement, all while preparing him for his next exciting chapter. 


 The Compassion Movement Begins

Eager to shake things up, I reached out to my 160,000 Twitter followers one day, declared my full intention to build a compassion movement, and asked if anyone wanted to help. The support was amazing! So many replies said, “Let’s do it!” I had no real idea of what would develop, but I did know that focusing on helping others and making the world better would produce great things.

We started! In response to my one tweet, a bunch of folks began doing daily compassionate acts. Whether it was holding the door for a stranger, volunteering, spending hours on the phone helping others, giving some money to a good cause or helping the homeless, we just started doing compassion. Word spread, and more people joined in. A few of us soon created a web series called, The Everyday Compassion Show. We traveled around Canada and the U.S. doing compassionate acts, showcasing nonprofits, inspiring other people to do more and connecting with people from all walks of life. We achieved over 55 episodes.

The Volunteering Experience 

At an early age of 16, Shane started his compassionate traits by volunteering at many events. It was his first volunteering experience at Ronald McDonald House that inspired him to organize thanksgiving food drives where over 300 less fortunate families were fed each year. Further passion was fulfilled by giving back to the community as a sitting board member of the John Volken foundation that assisted many in need of drug addiction. Over the years, Shanes’ compassionate drive was further fulfilled by participating on the food bank board as well.


                                                       The Birth of “Live Your T-Shirt  

The Live Your T-shirt training came to life because of Shanes’ foresight in seeing a massive need to positively change the world. It started with Shane himself and his endless passion to master human potential.

Over the years, Shane noticed that society wasn’t operating their brain state on a necessary level required daily to live your best life. It was this discovery where he found the missing link to living a positive life full of pure happiness, joy, and bliss.

In fact, most of society operate in brain states that cause all kinds of negative emotions and average thinking while having no idea they’re doing so. The often-fantasized dreams and goals we all desire simply become unattainable if you’re not operating your mind in the highest level brain states. 

In the last year, Shane surveyed over 500 people without their knowledge as he evaluated where their brains were operating at. Very few of the 500 people had come even close to master the level of the brain that brings our desired dreams, goals, and happiness.

Shanes’ life goal has now become a passion to help those master the brain and optimize their individual human potential that organically leads to making true dramatic global change.


                                                          Creating World Change 

Today Shane has appeared on numerous TV shows, done hundreds of radio interviews, been featured in many prominent papers all while sharing the spotlight teaching and training with some of the best world leaders who are creating positive change around the world.


Shane feels blessed in recognizing his own true calling is to help as many people as he can in a variety of ways for the rest of his life.

Making Compassion Accessible in Today’s World

To restate the significance of family, we aren’t building an organization, or a business, or even a community. We are building a family. This means providing a home for all humanity. Thus, our fundamental goal is to make compassion more alive and accessible in today’s world – steadily spreading the transformative message that compassion is absolutely for today’s world!