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We are a human company that believes in people before profits who have each other's back, both inside and outside of work. At Actions Of Compassion we run things differently. It has nothing to do with working hours, the type of work, or the stereotypical everyday business protocol.

For 4 years we had an office in Vancouver, Canada at the World Trade Center. Moving forward, our business today has evolved with the ever-changing landscape of today's business world. Our remote adaptation is where you'll find our team most likely walking, meditating or catching a few rays in the sun. You’re also likely to catch us doing a compassionate act for a fellow human or bonding over a few beers.  

Another common occurrence is to see Shane showing up on Zoom calls with his yorkie or sneaking her into a restaurant for meetings.

We work weekends, we work late nights, we sometimes get together at a coffee shop or office. It's whatever we feel at the moment and nobody is keeping score. Life is good. Life is fun. Life is short!

Our team consists of full time people, part time people, freelancers, and independent business owners who all contribute as a team to create positive global change. Contribution by all team members is the culture we’ve built around our inclusive environment to capture equality as a whole.

We strongly believe that putting people before profit while humanizing the brand from top to bottom will provide optimal and sustainable growth that your business deserves.



Personal and business development growth have been at the forefront of Darren’s life for as long as he can remember. Darren’s work experience background in the corporate industry has grown immensely over the last 25 plus years. Experience in business development, management, sales, marketing, customer service plus administration were all key in his overall growth development. For several years, Darren had managed an annual 1.5 million McDonald’s Restaurants o f Canada national account, overseeing 1400 plus stores. A proud achievement, during this time, was the boosted company sales of double digits in each of a 5+ year period by establishing new products and cost saving development. As the lone Canadian Field Sales Manager, he was further fortunate to have the opportunity to partake in several Ronald McDonald House charity events over the years. It was thru these many events where Darren further witnessed the true value of kindness and compassion by giving back to the community. Along the way, Darren has also been involved in growing his own consulting business advancing his skills in Business and Development Operations. A recent endeavor included being part of a ground breaking start-up company assisting with product research & development, marketing and sales management . This ground level company had successfully obtained millions in investment plus achieved an industry leading award as being recognized for it’s game changing company development.


Matthew is an experienced and effective Sales Team Leader and New-Age Personal Development Coach. He specializes in various areas ranging from holistic improvement, leadership and management to sales acquisitions, networking and critical thinking. He connects well with all kinds of audiences with his straightforward and logical approach. Matthew has spent 8+ years in the direct sales industry training and networking, successfully expanding his sales forces across North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. He spent 3 years in Hong Kong honing his skills amongst top business performers. Since 2013, he has successfully mentored thousands of people worldwide, effectively influencing personal and professional lives. Matthew’s entire mentoring strategy revolves around what he has coined “The 5 Pillars of Human Potential”: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial. On the business side he has trained people to become adept sales performers, proficient leaders, experts of time management and fearless public speakers. On the personal side he focuses on how to use logic to overcome emotions, how to handle tough relationship issues and help individuals with their personal health goals. His passion is helping people achieve their full potential. Holistic improvement has been proven by partnering “The 5 Pillars” with awareness of psychological understandings, such as “The Big 5 Personality Traits” and strategies that radically boost IQ, EQ and AQ levels.


Sharon is a master stylist who has spent over 15 years in the hair industry working at some of the most popular salons. She further expanded on her industry skills where she started her own lashes business while creating a series of other successful businesses along the way. Sharons' passion in the industry also included modelling where it then evolved into being a key component in running many successful fashion shows. That key sense of fashion sense was pivotal in using her creative ability to help design the Actions Of Compassion line of T-shirts and hats, while being a founding partner in the line. Sharons' ultimate passion is being an amazing mom, while further being passionate about helping to make other people happy in many ways. Whether volunteering at schools, at animal shelters, or recently spending the day cutting the hair of the less fortunate, Sharon will always lend her compassionate heart in order to make the world a better place. 

An avid investor since 2017 (Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs), founder of Blockchain Mastery, DAO, and now Strategist for the Actions of Compassion NFT project. A persuasive and tenacious leader, Pierre has built a proven track record in achieving positive business results by developing strategic business alliances, identifying new markets, and developing business processes. Previously worked as an Executive Recruiter with 6+ years’ experience in recruitment, training & development, client relations, human resources, and business development. Enhanced his International skills in the Japan market in various sectors like Investment Banking, Private Equity, Consulting, Back Office, Finance and Accounting plus Renewable Energy among others.

Jimmie Rankin has more than 8 years of experience in the video game and animation worlds. He started his creative journey working in Film and Television in Los Angeles plus has toured as a musician while playing for sold out crowds on the famous Sunset Strip. After moving to Austin, Texas, he entered the world of 3D art & design where he developed his passion for creating characters and stories that stir your soul. Jimmie also hopes to be able to help save the world one imagination at a time, or at least one piece of plastic at a time. Jimmie is currently a character artist/outsource artist for Studio Wildcard.

Jason Kenzie is an adventurer, photojournalist, Published Author, and film maker.  Born and raised in beautiful BC, Canada, Jason has spent many years exploring the natural beauty of North America. He has travelled the world seeking adventure and documenting it with his camera. Jason’s love of animals lead him to become a pet photographer and, wanting to share more of peoples stories about their love of their pets, he began filming his photo sessions. As word of his filming spread, pet owners from far and wide began contacting him which naturally lead into the film series of Jason’s Animal Adventures. He began filming exotic pets to share the owner’s stories with the world and to fulfill his love of adventure. Jason has filmed alligators, bats in Cuba, wolves in Saskatchewan, bison, in Alberta to name a few. Jason’s love of animals and the natural beauty of our world are seen in everything he produces and he plans to continue to use travelling the world to share this beauty. Jason also does his own video editing and sound design for all his productions.