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Sold Only Via Live Your T-Shirt Program Bamboo - Women



Small - L-26 inches, W-15 inches
Medium - L-26 1/2 inches, W-15 1/2 inches
Large - L-27 inches, W-16 inches
XL - L-27 1/2 inches, W-16 1/2 inches

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We’re sorry things didn’t work out! We will gladly refund or exchange all unwashed and unworn ticketed merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of your order date when accompanied by the original eReceipt listing the price paid.

A simple interaction just like a fleeting smile at a stranger can boost your overall well-being. Psychological research on social relationships proves that the more we connect with the people in our lives, the more we become happier and fulfilled.

Our T-shirt motto is tagged as "Learn it, Wear it, Live it", and when you purchase our Live Your T-shirt, you enter our "Live it" challenge. Its very simple, first off you "learn" about living the good life, then you "wear it" and then you "live it" through our challenge. This challenge deals with you enjoying the small moments we have with others, after all the breathtaking parts of our life are made up of those little moments that take our breath away. Connect with anyone, anywhere and everywhere. Strike up a conversation at the coffee shop or at the bank, approach a colleague from a different field, have a conversation at the golf course, or at the soccer mom bench. Enjoying these small moments of life will make you more happy and you'll find yourself living the healthy life.

As an added bonus, well’ll be attaching the following items with your T-shirt order absolutely FREE:

  • A 7 day connecting with anyone and everyone challenge
  • An eBook on The Secret To Unlocking Your Inner Greatness by Shane Jeremy James
  • An audio book of The Secret To Unlocking Your Inner Greatness read by Shane Jeremy James
  • A mind map on The Secret To Unlocking Your Inner Greatness
  • A checklist on The Secret To Unlocking Your Inner Greatness
  • A private Facebook group (just for those who have purchased a T-shirt)

Feel Good With The T-shirts You Are Wearing So You Can Avoid Harming The World.

  • The style is cool. The vision is extraordinary.
  • 100% made + printed in Canada because we care about human rights + integrity
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • 70% Bamboo + 30% Cotton

Why bamboo? It’s super durable, doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides for cultivation, and it grows rapidly without depleting the soil. It has a lower environmental impact than pesticide-laden conventional cotton and petroleum-derived nylon and polyester fabrics. Bamboo is also inherently moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial; it’s truly a superior fabric in terms of softness and functionality. It was a no-brainer for us to use a T-shirt fabric that would actually make a difference in the world!

T shirts generally have the one of the shorter “lifespans” of your clothes inventory compared to pants and footwear as they go through the most wear, tear, and exposure. Want your T shirts to last longer? Buy Bamboo.

It’s Not Just About Clothing, It’s About World Change

Yes, you can change the world by wearing a Live Your T-Shirt! Not only is our message inspiring, but the high quality and extreme comfort of this t-shirt is what sets it apart as outstanding in every way. The fact that you can wash and wear it over and over means you can just keep spreading its beautiful message!

Let’s face it, a great deal of higher education today – questions and comments that really make you think – happens through messaging, not just on social media, but on t-shirts! They aren’t casual wear anymore; t-shirts are the chosen attire of folks who want to open people’s minds and change lives.

So, get yours and wear it lots!

Our Dream

We don’t dream of world in which you can get a shirt for $9.99 just for the sake of that. We dream of world in which the clothing is more environmentally friendly, sustainable and there are no more sweatshops anywhere, and no more slash and burn.

The truth be told our T-shirts cost more than shirts from a company like H&M or Independent T-shirt lines that source from over sea’s because we use sustainable goods and ethical practice when it comes to workers.

This again, is an environmental choice that supports both a superior product and our business philosophy.