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Our Mission

To Unite Humanity On A global Conscious level
Its humanity over politics, over religion, over race, over beliefs. It’s humanity first.

The AOC Brand

The AOC brand consciously inspires to serve a larger purpose while using culture as the operational foundation built into our humanized brand. Read More


Humanizing Businesses

Changing The Way The World Does Business

We help businesses challenge the status quo plus turn things upside down in the market. We do so by helping brands humanize from the inside out, as opposed to most businesses that work from the outside in. Read More

The Compassion Kingdom

The Compassion Kingdom has sparked a growing global movement that has taken off across the world where our community of like-minded people are teaming up to make a difference in the world. Read More

Live Your T-Shirt Challenge

Live Your T-Shirt Brainwave Synergy 90-day challenge has been a huge success. Now taken by people from across the world such as celebrities, professional golfers, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, and many more. The program is designed to help upgrade the brain, master your emotions, control your brain waves, connect heart & brain and access your highest human potential in just 90 days.

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Women in business with kids Summit